1,000 Frames

Come in and pick from over a thousand lens frames. We have frames for men, women, and children. All to make sure you see clear and comfortably.

Repair or Buy New

No matter what’s wrong with your glasses, we can fix it. Whether they were run over or just need a little adjustment. Or if you just want a new pair, we can do that too.

Free UV & Tinting

No extra cost for anything to do with sunglasses. We’ll tint for free.


We provide Quality eyeglasses at an affordable price to our customers. We do minor frame repairs such as nose pad replacement, screw replacement, and frame adjustments at no cost. More involved repairs sometimes require a minor charge.

Have a broken frame? Bring them in and leave them with us. We will search for a frame that we can fit your lenses in. If we find one the charge is only 10 dollars. If we have to cut your lenses to fit another frame it will be 20 dollars.


At Downtown Dayton Optical we’re here to help you. We can help you pick from thousands of frames, repair any broken glasses, and we can tint glasses for free. Whether it’s reading glasses, correctional lens, or sunglasses, we have you covered. All you need is a prescription and we’ll help you with the rest. Since 2009, we’ve been offering inexpensive deals for everyone and we don’t plan on stopping any time soon.

Affordable Frames

You can pay a lot more for “designer frames” – or you can get 2 pairs, with different frames to fit your mood for $64! You’ll spend a lot less and have high quality glasses for a fraction of other places.

Frame Repair

Minor frame repairs such as

  • Nose pad replacement
  • Screw replacement
  • Frame adjustments

Frame Replacement

If you have a pair of glasses that are broken, bring them to us and we will look around our shop to see if we have anything else that we may be able to fit them into.


Single Vision Glasses

1st Pair: $42.00
2nd Pair: $22.00

Single Vision Transitions

1st Pair: $128.00
2nd Pair: $76.00

Lined Bi-Focals FT-28

1st Pair: $75.00
2nd Pair: $32.00

Lined Bi-Focals FT-28 Transition Lenses

First Pair: $200.00
Second Pair: $125.00

No Line/Progressive Bifocals

1st Pair: $134.00
2nd Pair: $80.00

No Line/Progressive Bifocals in Transition

1st Pair: $214.00
2nd Pair: $121.00

Prices include frames and lenses. We use CR-39 plastic lenses unless the prescription requires us to use a higher index. If we use a higher index there is an additional charge.
We offer free UV coating and tinting with our glasses
Pricing is based on most prescriptions
Prescriptions with a sphere over 4.00 or a cylinder over 2.00 are subject to a small fee.


Free adjustments, free UV & Tinting, and no extra charge for sunglasses.