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1,000 Frames

Come in and pick from over a thousand lens frames. We have framesĀ for men, women, and children. All to make sure you see clear and comfortably.

Repair or Buy New

No matter what’s wrong with your glasses, we can fix it. Whether they were run over or just need a little adjustment. Or if you just want a new pair, we can do that too.

Free UV & Tinting

No extra cost for anything to do with sunglasses. We’ll tint for free.

We’re Coming Back. January 2, 2023

We’re sorry we’re not able to serve your eyeglasses needs right now, but, we’re working on getting back to health and training the next generation of opticians. We can’t wait to serve you again in 2023. You’ve all been so wonderful to us over the years. Thank you

Kevin Harrington